Mission Statement

Hempful Colorado’s mission is to select only the purest and best genetics which come from our mother plants providing high-CBD clones. Once the clones have grown stronger, each plant is then planted by hand, cultivated by hand and only organic/natural pesticides are used.

We continually strive to promote the health and overall well-being of our co-inhabitants.

Hempful Colorado’s natural and powerful formulations are exactly what CBD consumers are looking for and we are privileged to serve worldwide. Whether or not a plant produces high amounts of CBD depends entirely on genetics and not all strains have the right DNA for the job.

Hempful Colorado is a family owned and operated company and provider of CBD enriched hempoil products.Quality and Safety is our primary concern and passion. We proudly produce only pure CBD extract and organic hemp oil, derived and cultivated by hand from our farm in Colorado.

Meet the Team


Dmitriy Barshay

Every journey begins with a simple step. Time, dedication and patience are Dmitriy's ingredients when approaching sustainable farming methods. Becoming intimate with dirt and connecting with each plant in a clean/non-toxic way is what brings quality to Hempful Colorado.


Zarina Magdessian

For many people who suffer from migraine headaches, over-the-counter ibuprofen is a well known approach to relieve the pain. Zarina was looking for a more natural approach for her daughter who experienced severe migraines at the age of five. When introduced to CBD Oil, her daughter's episodic migraines were a thing of the past. Learning about the amazing benefits CBD has to offer, Zarina joined Dmitriy in sharing the wellness with others alike.